Short Term


EL NAGUAL wants to be an open community, where many can come and experience life in a unique way, so that they can hopefully catch a glimpse of all that can change and be different with the world, society, our relationship with nature and between ourselves. We understand there is a global movement of people looking for positive and different experiences and to contribute somehow to a good cause, because of their dreams to build something new and live sustainably or out of the frustration generated by the current system and culture, many are choosing to volunteer as means to contribute somehow or to grow and learn specific skills in order to start or improve their own dream environmental or social projects.


COMPLETE PROGRAM - Characteristic


-MINIMUM Duration: 1 Month

-Workload: 4 hours per day - 6 days a week

-Full Board

-Hostel Accommodations (Shared Room / internal bathroom)

-ecotourism activities included


SIMPLE PROGRAM - Characteristics


-MINIMUM Duration: 1 week

-Workload: 6 hours per day - 6 days a week

-Full Board

-Accommodations (Shared Room)


We open up our doors to this people that are looking to do something meaningful with our VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS, a complete program that aims to Share and Teach about all that we are at EL NAGUAL. From Organic Gardening, Agroforestry, Bioconstruction and all things Permaculture in general, to Art, Community Living and even a variety of EcoTourism activities so that we can all enjoy and support together some of the natural wonders of Brazil.


What you will be EXPERIENCING and LEARNING

permaculture - organic farming - agroforestry - art - bioconstruction - mosaics - COMMUNITY LIVING

Being a Volunteer at EL NAGUAL means you will be able to participate of the wide variety of activities we do at the Eco village, you will experience first hand all that is necessary to grow your own food and discover what it means and what it takes to be self sustainable. For your time here you will be part of the community and our history, experience nature in a unique and direct way, get to know yourself and make friends from a dynamic group of members and volunteers from all around the world, all with the aim to be and build a better future, a place where tolerance, respect and an open mind are the norm, hence this is an ideal place to grow and get to know yourself and your potential away from the demanding stress and pressure of modern society.

Harvest and cook delicious and healthy organic food that has being grown with the least possible negative impact on the environment. Get to know this wonderful side of Brazil that few get to experience, relax while in deep contact with nature. Birds singing in the background, monkeys on the trees and taking a bath in a natural pool from the river, or directly under the waterfall.

Besides all this, as a Volunteer at EL NAGUAL you will have the option to participate of two special activities per month, that range from Hikes, to Camping Trips, and Kayak Excursions in the mangroves of the Guanabara Bay. Plus some weekly volunteer activities like Movie Nights, bonfires and Game Nights.

Imagine living and growing your own food in this Eco-Village, in the middle of the Atlantic Rain Forest of Brazil

Imagine living and growing your own food in this Eco-Village, in the middle of the Atlantic Rain Forest of Brazil


Your Average Week Schedule

Although we do consider some flexibility to be important and very necessary, we also understand a well structured healthy routine benefits the community as a whole. Things like starting our day early leads us to connect with the natural rhythms of earth and of our bodies, it’s healthy and helps us make the most out of our day. Also, starting at 7am with a healthy community breakfast helps us bond together and be more productive throughout the day.


*Special Activities will vary and happen just twice a month, check our Event Calendar to know more.
*Special Activities might include additional fees to cover for transportation, entrance fees, food etc. if applicable.
*Portuguese classes not included in the South-American program.
*Community Participation Includes Cooking and Cleaning chores and are not considered as part of the 4 hour Workload.


What’s Included


work daily activities and community participation:

Learn and get Hands-on Experience and guidance on Permaculture, Agroforestry, Organic Farming, Mosaics, Bio-construction, sustainable organic cooking and Community living. Be part of a 30 year old project and enjoy the peace, wonder and Biodiversity of the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest.


volunteer weekly activities:

Participate and enjoy our Volunteer nights, Movie Nights, Bonfires, a visit to the waterfalls, city tours and more. This are fun activities organized twice a week by the community itself for all to enjoy and share. Many memories are form at this moments, maybe a delicious collaborative dinner or a nice quiet moment of contemplating the stars of the night sky next to a cracking fire.


special monthly activities (for the Complete Program)

Two times a month we organize Special Activities for our community. This are experiences to break the routine and get a breath of fresh air, from Hikes through the nearby trails of the Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Camping Trips, visiting nearby Eco Villages and Sustainable Projects and Kayak Excursions through the mangroves. This are necessary, unique and special moments for the community to enjoy and experience. Through this activities we also get to enjoy some of the many wonders of the region and support the local EcoTourism and conservation efforts.

(*Special Activities might include additional fees to cover for transportation, entrance fees, food etc. if applicable.)




El nagual is an Eco Village first, one that aims to be a stable community composed of half permanent members and half short term volunteers. In order to make sure the experience is going to be the best possible for the whole community we do require that volunteers are:

  • Highly Motivated

  • Hard working

  • Willing to learn and do physical work

  • Open minded

  • Nature Lover

  • Respectful

  • 18 years or Older

  • Responsable




why do we charge for the volunteer experience?

Our Volunteer Experience includes accommodations, 3 meals per day and basic services such as water, electricity and Wifi. It also includes a wide variety of extra activities that help people enjoy and make the most of their time here with us. We will also be training, teaching and sharing our knowledge with the volunteers, plus we ask for only 4 hours of work a day, charging a small fee is the way we cover all the operational expenses that this activities and the community generate.

We are confident we offer far more than what we are asking for in exchange and through this EL NAGUAL manages to sustain itself and its community and to keep moving further in our efforts towards conservation, reforestation and environmental education.




  • Full Board (3 meals a day)

  • Hostel Accommodations (Shared Room / internal bathroom)

  • Wifi

  • daily activities (permaculture, agroforestry, etc.)

  • weekly volunteer activities

  • 3 hours of work a day

  • monthly special activities (*might include some additional fee)

If you join for 1 month

$800 USD for one Month

If you join for 2 month

$720 USD per Month

If you join for 3 month or more

$640 USD per Month




  • Full Board (3 meals a day)

  • Accommodations (Shared Room)

  • Wifi

  • daily activities (permaculture, agroforestry, etc.)

  • weekly volunteer activities

  • 6 hours of work a day

If you join for 1 week

$20 USD per Day

If you join for more than 15 days

$15 USD per Day


Be the Change, become part of our History

The eco village EL NAGUAL opens its doors to volunteer who wish to join, live, learn and grow with us. But first you need to let us know who you are, please fill-up the form above and we will be contacting you shortly.



Want to stay long-term for free?

Perhaps your dream is to come for a Long-Term, make a living here and become a permanent member of the Eco Village and live at EL NAGUAL?

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