It’s all about Earth


AND IT all starteD WHEN…

30 Years ago a multicultural couple with a dream of beauty and nature decided to dedicate their lives to take care of a corner of the jungle of Brazil. With permaculture and art, the willingness to build a different type of community and charged by a deep desire to change the world they founded EL NAGUAL.
This project is about all that we believe the world needs, a more humane and natural future.


Get to know EL NAGUAL

The 30 year old story of this Eco Project is still going, thousands have come and visit the Eco-village, each seeds of help that now shape the project in one way or another. But we are still growing and we feel we got so much more to give and do. We want to create a stable long-term small community capable of working with, training and supporting short-term volunteers, all with the goal of showing to the world this new sustainable way of living. There are many possibilities for you to come and experience different aspects of our Eco Village.



The perfect opportunity for all who want to learn about Permaculture, sustainability, the environment, growing your own food organically and community living, all in the beautiful Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest.

Come and join us, make a difference and become part of EL NAGUAL’s big family.


Special activities, guests talks, presentations, monthly tours of the farm, yoga sessions or Bio-construction and Art courses and many more.

Visit us and participate of our events or let us host your own.


Maybe you are working on a special project, need some time to rest or just want to enjoy calmly part of Brazil.

We offer awesome accommodations, right next to the jungle, shared or private rooms, all with internal bathrooms and even the option to have an organic full-board with the rest of the Community of EL NAGUAL


What is Nagual?

Carlos Castañeda wrote about the nagual, it is all that exists, but that we rarely get to perceive, the world of that which is not ordinary or mundane, but for the extraordinary, the realm of the unknown. The Nagual can not be perceived rationally. It is the sensation that goes beyond reason, turning every question about its reality irrelevant.